you are so sweet 

you bring me peace

you take me to beautiful places far away

while my troubles keep at bay

you are my happy place

no matter what life’s phase

you are what i want in day

you are what i wish for at night

you come to me at odd hours

and i wish to embrace you

but i cant, as i am tied

with all the worldly commitments

that i have to bear. as i long

for you……….








….my dear sweet sleep..



She adores him

but does he know?

she attends to his every whim

but does he know?

they talk , they laugh

but does he know?

she misses him all the time

but does he know?

even if he does he will never show…

as she lives on..

with a hope of someday…and all her hopes..

and all her dreams..

just end up..



A wayfarer am I

as i bid the world goodbye

i walk the seven worlds and cross the mighty oceans..

writing my story in my own rhythm and motion..


the world dies around me

i am drowning in my own sea

the blue slowly turns to black

reflecting my life’s reality back


i wish for the invisible cape

it would be my greatest escape

away from the world yet as close as can be

i would know the worlds opinion of me…!!!


the other side of the wall

I live in a cellar
it is very dark and lonely
but in the very corner, 
is a small window

the window is very high
for me to look down
from and see so,i
just listen to voices and guess what might be!

the voices are law one day 
as if it were a secret meeting 
and a very important one where the leader would say,
“Keep this a secret,no one  should know”

only i am the one who knows:
a secret comrade
who will carry his secret,when everyone  goes,
then someday the noises

to her grave!

are rather big and loud
it seems they are the voices 
of a shopping crowd

oh! what must go on outside
on other side of the wall
as i am kept inside
a prisoner in these walls. 





it seems very strange
this change
as sudden as a gunshot
piercing through, penetrating the heart
body,mind and soul
leaves me with another crack
remaining to heal…..

besties forever

You plus me equals happiness
You minus me equal’s sadness
You make my life a big mess
But without you it’s just emptiness
You are my best friend
Without you it is a dead end
We may fight a lot easily
But it’s the care that shows (invisibly)
Our temper tantrums are hard to bear
And I admit I have had my fair share
But these fights are a part of us
So just bear with my attitude without much fuss
Because that doesn’t mean I don’t care for you
Because the truth is that I will always love you…!!! Image

fake smiles

this smile seems fake to me
because it is not meant to be
it evades me every single day
because sorrow always has his way.. 


my life

The world around me : black 
 No place to look back 
memories : bleak 
pain at its peak 
days : blurred 
night time for crying over thoughts absurd 
life : an inescapable nightmare 
filled with people who just don’t care 
feelings : confused,unsure, grey 
fake smiles cover up my day 
and yet everyday i get up  
and in vain ask my life.. 


″Time passes.Even when it seems impossible.Even when each tick of the seconds hand aches like the pulse of blood behind a bruise.It passes unevenly,in strange lurches and dragging lulls, but pass it does…″